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The (Many) Benefits of Temporary Workers

The (Many) Benefits of Temporary Workers

Almost one-quarter (23%) of Australian employers say they now employ temporary or contract staff regularly with another 44% using them for special projects or workloads.

The ABS estimate there are one million independent contractors, or about 9% of those employed nationally, up from about 980,000 five years ago.

The employment landscape is showing a gradual, shift towards the use of temporary and contractual employees. What helps this shift is Australia’s changing attitude towards temporary and contractual work, which is a great benefit for businesses across the country.

How does this shift help businesses?


Small to medium businesses can quickly adapt their teams to handle busy or slow periods, as well as holiday and long-term leave. Contractors can be brought on for specialist projects, initiatives or to meet deadlines not possible with current staffing levels.

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New Skills

Using a temp or contractor can introduce a business to people with skillsets they do not need daily, but can utilise on project-by-project basis. This helps a business to make sure they have the right people for the right amount of time, which helps keeps budgets under control and properly managed.

Save Money

Using a temporary hire or contractor can help keep budgets under control, and strictly managed, due to their generally short length of time. Depending on the project, or need, temporary and contract hires can last anything from one day through to one year. A business can extend the length of time, or decide not to renew once the period comes to an end, helping to cut down on over spending on wages.

Testing Talent/Meaningful Hires

Some businesses may put on a temporary worker or contractor to test the need for their skills, and their compatibility with the organisation. In some cases, temporary workers and contractors has been hired to fill gaps, only to be kept on a permanent basis after showing impressive skills and talents.

For nearly 20 years APG’s highly experienced recruiters have been delivering tailored recruitment solutions to a wide variety of industries. From un-skilled to management, professionals through to trades, APG has a database of over 35,000 candidates who demonstrate passion, drive and integrity towards their chosen fields.

If you are looking to increase productivity, cover a gap in your workforce, or have a staffing emergency, contact APG on 1300 793 340, or fill out our online enquiry form here and we will be in contact soon.

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