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The Lion Sleeps Tonight: The Benefits of Transferable Skills

The Lion Sleeps Tonight: The Benefits of Transferable Skills

The Elizabeth, SA Holden plant made headlines recently as the 7,787,675th vehicle rolled off the production line, marking the end of car manufacturing in Australia. The shutdown began in 2013.

A Holden spokesperson said about 800 employees had transitioned from the factory since it announced in December 2013 that the company would withdraw from Australian manufacturing. Of those workers, 71 per cent have found jobs, 8 per cent have retired, 4 per cent are in full-time study and 1 per cent are full-time volunteers .

The closing of the factory is a sad moment in the history of such an iconic brand. The percentage of those who have found jobs since beginning of the closure, back in 2013, is a promising sign of their skills being transitioned in to similar roles across other industries.

Holden Factory

Employment in Australian Manufacturing 

According to the ABS, between 2014 and 2016 the amount of people employed in the manufacturing industry ranged from 838,000 to 854,000, . A promising sign of steadiness for the industry.

Another promising sign the above former and latter numbers provide, is that of the benefit of transferrable skills.

These are skills that can be used across a vast amount of industries, which require little training that can be applied to your business. Your previous position could have involved team leadership. These leadership skills can be applied in every industry. Previously a line manager, your problem-solving skills are invaluable.

Each skill you have learned and applied in a previous role, have their place within a wide variety of industries across the country and can be extremely valuable. When you are next looking for someone to fill a full-time,
part-time, casual, contract or temporary role, do not limit your selection to just those candidates who have industry experience.

APG helps place candidates with those looking to fill gaps in their workforce requirements. Feel free to contact us on 1300 793 340 when you are next looking for recruitment help, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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