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Launch of the APG Community Tree

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APG is all about people. We understand how important meaningful careers are, but beyond that we also understand that employment is just one part of the equation of life. People are complex parts of the community, and The Community Tree by APG is focused on partnerships that support charities and local sporting clubs. By supporting these organisations, we are enriching the fabric of the community and providing support for long-term wellbeing. We are also dedicated to building important life-long skills and mindsets such as determination, motivation, coordination, passion and empathy. These are valued skills in the workplace and the wider community, and by fostering them in individuals and small groups we envision a stronger society in the future.

Children are a special part of the APG family. Families are such a large part of the APG framework that we are naturally geared towards helping as many regional and metro children’s charities as we possibly can. It is about more than just providing monetary assistance; we encourage our employees to donate their time to causes close to their hearts, leading by example by lending a helping hand. By investing in the next generation of Australians, we can feel confident that we are contributing to a future society that is the best it possibly can be.

Sporting teams are such an important cornerstone of the community, providing a place for people to come together to share their common interest. In addition to that, team exercise is an ideal way to remain physically fit, mentally sharp and socially connected. The Community Tree by APG is devoted to supporting local sporting clubs, helping them to purchase equipment or team attire. Children and adults alike benefit from team sport, building skills and friendships that can last a lifetime. In an age of rising obesity, it is more important than ever to support local clubs so they can continue to be there for the community.

As with any tree, The Community Tree by APG will continue to grow in strength, stature and rings of experience as the years go by. With regular love and nourishment, we envision a broad canopy that will provide shelter and respite for the communities that gather beneath it.

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