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Keeping it Local: Hiring Local Builds Community

Keeping it Local: Hiring Local Builds Community

The mining industry has always been known for its uniqueness, especially regarding how their workers travel to job sites across the country. Mine workers come from all over Australia, and given that most mines in Australia are in remote rural areas, workers need to get to their job by way of plane.

As the commodity boom started to ramp up around 2003, the mines started to operate seven days per week, 24 hours a day, and shifts started to stretch out toward 12 hours a day. With record profits rolling in, the companies could justify flying their new workforce between the city and the mines, and had to offer strong incentives to lure people into a new profession .Commonly referred to as FIFOs (Fly-in-Fly-Outs), these workers would be ferried to the various locations they had been rostered for.

At the peak of the resources boom in 2011, experts estimate that more than 100,000 people were working in fly-in fly-out jobs across Australia, but that remains a guess, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics does not keep precise measurements of the industry .

Yet companies like Hume Coal are looking at the more immediate vicinity when it comes to labour hire. From an excerpt on their website they state:

The Hume Coal Project will be investing in the local economy by providing an estimated 100 full time equivalent employees during the first year of operations, rapidly increasing to 300 jobs.”

But there are more benefits to hiring local, than just creating more jobs, even though that is one of the major ones. On such benefit is keeping families together.

Due to the rural location of many mines, and the lengthy shifts workers are required to work, most will live on site during their ‘roster’. Rosters range from eight days on with six days off (8/6) to shift splits like 9/5, 14/7, 14/14 or even four weeks on, one week off .

Hiring workers locally, means they will be able to see family and friends on a regular basis, without the need to wait days, or weeks, before seeing them again. Being closer to family and friends greatly contributes to the
well-being of mining workers.

One of the biggest benefit for locals and the company, is to build and nurture a community. On their site Hume Coal states:

We will be engaging with local secondary and tertiary education institutions to improve career prospects for local people and those expressing employment interest in the Project. We will build skills of local students and apprentices in advance so that they will be able to participate in the Hume Coal Project.

In rural areas and communities where jobs are scarce, having education programs set up that increase the opportunity of employment is highly beneficial. Students will learn skills that directly relate to mining job opportunities, and in return, the company will have access to highly trained workers for the foreseeable future.

The other significant benefit to hiring local is the socio-economic boost to the community. When an area becomes desirable due to work opportunities, people will move to the area just to be closer. If there are not enough houses, then land will be purchased, and builders contracted to build. Businesses will move in to service the needs of the community, while councils will receive land rates and taxes to put towards growing infrastructure. What once seemed like a desert, now becomes a thriving oasis.

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