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January is the hottest month for job change

January is the hottest month for job change

It’s no surprise that January is one of the most popular months for job change, with an estimated 55% of all Australians making a new year’s resolution to look for a new job in the new year.

While this means there could be increased competition for those looking to change jobs, it also presents opportunities for employers looking to fill roles in the new year.

This surge in job seeker interest means that it’s a good time to post a job, however you may be inundated with unsuitable candidates trying to change jobs because they made a resolution to.

The resources, time and effort required to source, and onboard good staff can often be a drain on productivity at every level of your business. Not only are the people responsible for hiring staff occupied by the process, but the productivity of each employee often gets compromised by the turnover of staff and the need for constant training, inductions and management of new employees. Minimising the disruption of staff turnover can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy work load and still efficiently training new staff.

That is where APG can help.

We screen, filter and recommend the right person for your role, saving you the hassle of sifting through piles of resumes.

APG specialise in providing staff for both long term and short term labour hire. Our labour services are ideal to meet a range of needs across various industries while our long term labour hire can seamlessly place experienced staff into your operation.

APG can match your flexible staffing needs to sustain peak workloads and variations without the worries of long term contracts. Our years of recruitment experience enables us to effectively recruit the right staff for you.

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