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Healthcare and social assistance jobs, Australia’s big employer

healthcare workersEarmarked as one of the top growth industries over the next five years, it’s no surprise that healthcare and social assistance jobs are in high-demand. Health Care and Social Assistance remains the largest employing industry in Australia with 13% of the nation working in health and is set for continued growth.

Health Care and Social Assistance has been the primary provider of new jobs in the Australian labour market since the 1990s and is expected to remain in that role. Over the next five years, employment in the industry is projected to increase by 250,500 (or 16.1 per cent). Factors contributing to this strong projected growth include the full implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (scheduled for 2019-20), Australia’s ageing population, and increasing demand for childcare and home-based care services.

Since February 2000 most job growth in Australia has occurred in healthcare and social assistance (up 730,000 jobs)[1].

Health is Australia's big employer and is not overly affected by economic downturns, however the industry itself faces many challenges.

Australia will face a shortfall of 109,000 registered nurses by 2025, according to Health Workforce Australia. The Department of Employment reports that 273,000 registered nurses will be needed in 2020 (up by 17.9 per cent from 231,000 in 2015).[2]

APG's specialist Nursing and Aged Care recruitment team can provide staffing solutions for short term and long-term vacancies, as well as help fill seasonal requirements for the health care sector from general nursing through to low/high aged care facilities. We are experts in hiring reliable, highly qualified aged care professionals, and our process involves checking all necessary records such as immunisation, police, and reference checks. For more information,
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