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APG: fresh and fabulous in 2018

APG: fresh and fabulous in 2018

APG had a great 2017 and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2018.

We have already kicked off 2018 in style with two new projects that are dear to us. The first is APG Maintenance & Engineering.

Skirting these two areas for many years, we found that it was quite a natural transition to be able to accommodate these markets through our experience and knowledge in similar industries. Our ability to provide clients with access to highly-skilled and trained contractors and full-time and casual workers, goes hand-in-hand with our pre-site induction services. These services ensure workers are fully aware of their role, place within the company and any other administrative and contractual obligations.

As part of our proactive approach to Maintenance and Engineering, we do recommend weekly and fortnightly site evaluations to ensure that both parties (employer and contractor) are mutually happy with the arrangement. Any areas of concern can be addressed and remedied as soon as possible. These evaluations can include anything from addressing training requirements and issues, to identifying areas of opportunity for the employee to advance within the company.

The second project we are also extremely happy with - the rebranding of APG to APG Workforce. The decision to rebrand was a careful one. We wanted to make sure that it reflected how we saw ourselves as a business in the recruitment industry, and would resonate with our clients and potential clients. Workforce felt like a natural addition to our name, and was something that really struck a chord with everyone in the business.

The word, we believe, reflects the work we do across a wide variety of industries and roles, while the volume of candidates and clients can be a force to reckon with, and so can APG when your needs have to be met.

This is just the start of 2018 and already it is looking brighter, and there are still eleven months left. Therefore, if you need to fill roles with contractors, full-time, casual or temp staff, APG Workforce has access to the right candidates for the job.

To lodge an enquiry, please feel free to contact us on 1300 793 340, or you can fill out our online enquiry form here. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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