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APG provide specialist labour hire for a range of Australia's largest farming operations, providing short term and long term labour hire service for field, shed and processing staff.

Our specialist farming and agriculture labour hire team are able to fulfil a complete range of roles including:

  • Food Processing
  • Agribusiness
  • Farm Hands
  • Machinery Operators
  • Drivers
  • Stock Handlers
  • Irrigation Workers
  • General labourers
  • Packers
  • Fruit handlers / packers
  • Shed Staff
  • Field Staff

APG can meet your businesses flexible staffing needs to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations without the worries of long term contracts. We take care of all administration procedures and advice and assistance for workers in relation to income and superannuation, details of procedures and their contract of employment. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that the right candidates, thoroughly screened and verified by us, are put recommended for any labour hire or recruitment position you need to fill.